How To Change Bulb In Ceiling Light - Best Ways To Change Bulb In Ceiling Lights

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How To Change Bulb In Ceiling Light - Best Ways To Change Bulb In Ceiling Lights

Light bulbs that hang from ceilings have many functions. They must not only support sufficient general lighting but also be attractive. One of the most rewarding electrical modifications and a wonderful way to instantly transform a room is replacing a light fixture. Choose a fixture that provides the appropriate amount of light. Never install bulbs with a wattage higher than the fixture is rated for just to increase the illumination.

Even the trickiest bulb can be managed to solve in a number of ways. Always take measures to prevent harm, whether your burned-out bulb is an incandescent, recessed, or fluorescent one. This is a really quick and easy process that only takes a few minutes to do. The procedure how to change a bulb in ceiling light slightly differs from that of a regular light bulb.

Keep reading for tips on how to change the bulb in the ceiling light and how to do it yourself, whether your light is burnt out and must be changed or you simply want to change the look of your room!

What Does Ceiling Light Bulbs Mean?

A light fixture bulb that is mounted directly to the ceiling and has no exposed hardware is called a ceiling light bulb. These lights are frequently utilized in corridors, bedrooms, and other spaces with low and high ceilings since they provide a purpose that a typical chandelier or pendant light would not. The majority of home improvement retailers offer a wide selection of ceiling light bulbs in various styles to fit any preference.

How To Change Bulb In Ceiling Light?

This is especially true if your ceiling light bulbs are 20 feet or above and you want to change light bulbs high ceilings. Because at these heights, ladders & poles can become quite unstable. Consider these ways if you want to know how to change bulb in ceiling light. Complete this for you would be beneficial.

Determine The Size Of The Ceiling Light Bulbs

You may determine the size by looking at the ceiling light bulbs in your lamp or fixture. The first thing to consider when replacing a light bulb is the size of the replacement LED bulbs you'll need. Usually found on the bulb, there ought to be a number there. For your replacement light bulb to fit, you must have this number.

Switch Off The Fixture's Power

The process's most crucial stage is undoubtedly this one. Make sure the fixture's electricity is turned off before you do anything. To do this, go to your home's circuit breaker box and turn on the light in the room you'll be working in. It could be worthwhile to use an electrical tester to double-check the installation if double-insulated screw-fitted lights are not present. Don't hesitate to contact a licensed electrician to complete this step if you are uncomfortable handling electricity.

Calculate How Far You Must Extend From The Ground

Measuring the height of your ceiling light fixture from the ground is one of the most crucial steps before you begin. This will give you an indication of whether the task can be completed by a DIY enthusiast using a tool and ladder or whether professional aid, such as hiring an electrician, is needed.

Verify The Cooling Of The Old Bulb

Ensure the old bulb has cooled before replacing your light bulbs because the previous bulb can still be warm. It's not a good idea to switch out hot replacement lights because doing so could result in damage and perhaps provide a fire risk if the replacements are installed incorrectly.

Take Off The Current Light Bulb

Locate your lightbulb, then take hold of the plastic base holding it in place. To disconnect the lightbulb from its socket, turn this clockwise. You might need to employ a little more force.

Remove The Screw

It's time to examine the light fixture directly now. First, the glass globe will be secured in place by a little screw or knob. Occasionally, there could be two screws. Use a drill or a screwdriver to extract this screw. You must hold onto the glass globe as you remove the screw. In some circumstances, a chain may be used to secure the globe to the fixture. Once the globe is loose, turn it anticlockwise until totally detached.

Take The Glass Globe Out

Following removing the screw or screws, you ought to be able to gently pull the glass globe apart from the fixture. Try wriggling it back and forth till it releases if it is stuck. The glass globe should not be dropped since it could break.

Get Fully Prepared

While changing light bulbs, be sure to have a large enough bucket or tray to hold your equipment and any debris generated by removing the old bulbs.

Purify the Socket

Clean the socket for a moment. Wipe away any dirt and dust that has gathered over time using a soft towel or a paper towel. Examine the points of contact as well because they occasionally develop corrosion. To perfectly attach the socket you must have to know how to wire a light switch.

Put the New Bulb in

Locate the plastic base and spin it anticlockwise to place your new light bulb in the socket. If you are having trouble, ensure the bulb has been installed properly. The holes or grooves on either side of the socket should be lined up with metal pins.

Put The Glass Globe Back On

After the fresh bulb has been installed, the glass globe needs to be reattached. Then, gently turn the globe clockwise until it is secure by aligning the screw holes with the ones on the fixture. Make careful to turn on the fixture's power, then test the new light bulb once you've replaced the globe.


It may appear difficult to change a light bulb in a ceiling light, but with the correct equipment and a little patience, it is actually rather simple to perform. You can make the job simpler by following the step-by-step directions we've included in this article on how to change bulbs in ceiling lights.