Bedroom Chandelier Ideas – Give Your Bedroom A Lit Atmosphere!

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Bedroom Chandelier Ideas – Give Your Bedroom A Lit Atmosphere!



Chandeliers have been around for quite a time now. In the former times, chandeliers were requisite in enhancing the beauty of a place. They were especially used to adorn a commodious room back in the day. Whereas, considering today’s lifestyle where a concoction of designs, small as well as spacious rooms have together developed new design elements. 

Whether you live in a contemporary-style apartment with small-scale rooms or a substantial Victorian villa, chandeliers can work with any aesthetic and size of your bedroom. The room’s overall design features, its color palette, and its size, all together contribute to the type of chandelier you choose for your bedroom. In this article, you’ll find bedroom chandelier ideas from which you can cherrypick a corresponding style of chandelier for your bedroom.

Moreover, a chandelier big or small should either be hung in the center of the room or at the foot of the bed. Considering the placement of a seating area or just any chair set in your room is also vital for choosing a perfect spot for the chandelier to be suspended from the ceiling.

Keep It Traditional With A Crystal Chandelier

chandelier Light

Getting a classic old-school crystal chandelier for your room is the best mistake-proof idea for your bedroom. This is a master bedroom chandelier that will never disappoint you.You can suspend this kind of chandelier for master bedroom, a crystal chandelier usually compliments a luxurious bedroom. The light is diffracted by the numerous crystals and thus gives a whimsical look to the room. 

Stay in Proportion or go Big!


There may be a guest room or even your own room which is cramped in your house and it is an arduous task for you to decorate it. But every room needs light and glamor, most importantly a small bedroom. So, look for a chandelier that is in proportion to the size of your bedroom. Besides this, don't take a step back in such a situation, you can also add a comparatively larger chandelier in the room and make it the focal point of the room, especially when the room has low ceilings.

Cancel Out The Sharpness in your Room 

To elaborate, this chandelier resembles an upside-down 3D cone but is made up of either crystals or beads. A bit different from a typical crystal bedroom chandelier, an empire chandelier is definitely a crowd-pleaser. It originates from French and its curved edges add a speck of softness to the sharp edges of your room

Choose a Contemporary Chandelier for Your Modern Bedroom

Modern Chandeliers

These bedroom chandelier lightings can also be known as modern chandeliers. With an edge of sleekness, their designs change with the switching trends. It can either be a sputnik design or a shaded one. Having a modern contemporary aesthetic in your room doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on having a chandelier.

Channel your Inner Bling by Hanging a Tiered Chandelier

This is the next most common type of chandelier which is used in bedrooms. These are made up of crystals too but are fitted in layers. The number of layers can be 3,5 or 10. As they are long in length, they tend to make an illusion of low ceilings. Naturally, this is an ideal chandelier for the master bedroom where the room is spacious with very high ceilings.

Master Sustainability by Adding an Antique Chandelier

A bedroom chandelier lighting should enhance our bedroom’s aura but doing it in a sustainable manner is a plus point. It will not only be easy on your pocket but you'll also do a favor for the environment. When specifically paired with woody tones it adds a tone of glamour to the bedroom. 

Replace Crystals With Modern Matte Beads

Modern Matte Beads Chandelier

Chandeliers are not made up of crystals only, chandeliers like the empire chandelier can be altered a bit by adding a modern element to their design. By adding wooden beads instead of crystals to the chandelier, the chandelier will look clean and chic. You can also match the color of the beads with the color palette of your bedroom.

A Quirky Sputnik Chandelier

Chandeliers don’t have to be boring at all! By adding colorful lamp shades to a much typical sputnik chandelier, you easily turn it from a neutral colored chandelier to a multi-colored one exactly to compliment your bedroom. A splash of color in your room won’t hurt no one!

Get a Delicate Boho Look 

Stay true to your most natural self and opt for a boho chandelier. Add some pieces of wooden furniture and some rustic tones, then top it all off with a chandelier with net details instead of crystals. Not only will this chandelier add character to your room but will also add the delicacy and elegance of the net to your bedroom.

Shaded Chandelier

Shaded chandelier

A shaded chandelier is one of the simplest designs out there for a chandelier. If want to keep your chandelier a bit less noticeable and less flashy consider using this chandelier. By hanging t in your bedroom you’ll not miss out on a chandelier but will also make it less blingy.

A Small Chandelier

Moving on to this idea, when you already have a lot going on in your bedroom in terms of color and design, this chandelier is the go-to option. You can either buy a fancier option or just simply go for a plain one. A small bedroom chandelier will be a perfect option when you have to a little something to your room.

Hybrid Chandeliers

Hybrid Chandeliers

These chandeliers will work best in a bedroom where you are using a fusion of designs. For instance, a contemporary LED 3-tiered crystal chandelier is a perfect combination of different designs and is a Hybrid chandelier.

Use A Dimmer

A bedroom chandelier lighting should always be customizable. You should be able to dim lights and change your lighting options from bright white to soft white whenever you come home from a tiring day at the office.

Is A Chandelier Important?

If you’re a home decor enthusiast just like us, then of course you do need a chandelier for your bedroom. It plays a huge part in setting a specific the right tone for your bedroom. Apart from serving its actual purpose, it enhances to the beauty of a bedroom and ties in all the decor resulting in a cohesive and put-together look throughout the room.