Best Rattan Lamp Ideas - Light Up Your Space

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Best Rattan Lamp Ideas - Light Up Your Space

When thinking about interior design for your home, getting the lighting correct is an important place to start. In order to make the area "just right," many people frequently start by considering the overhead lighting and how it will function. However, freestanding lighting actually plays the most important part in this process.

Rattan has developed significantly over the past decade or so. It's only natural that something that was once associated with outside décor has moved indoors. Rattan is undoubtedly the material of the moment, with everything from mattresses and headboards to nightstands & coffee tables receiving the rattan treatment.  The popularity of rattan as a material for interior design is still on the rise and doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Check out some of our favorite rattan lamp ideas with rattan lamp shades below. Your house appearance will look more spectacular due to these rattan lamp ideas.

What Is Rattan And Rattan Light?

Plant fibers linked to the palm tree are used to make rattan. A common material for lighting, indoor and outdoor furniture, and baskets is rattan. If left outside, real rattan is susceptible to mold and mildew. An option is a synthetic rattan. In the end, rattan quality is most important for items that you use frequently.

Rattan is a robust material with texture and color that works well for light fixtures. Additionally, the open areas in the rattan weave allow light to pass through, producing a delicate diffused glow or an attractive grid-like light pattern.

Different Types Of Rattan Table Lamp Ideas

Your decision on a rattan table lamp should take into account both your needs and the location where the light will be placed. We compiled some stylish types of rattan lamp ideas.

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Rattan Nightstand Lamp

Additionally available on the market are rattan bedside lamps. Your bedroom will feel more natural and fresh thanks to these bedside lamps. You get the nicest look in your room, whether it has a solid wood bed or a chest of drawers. Solid wood and rattan are two genuine materials that ensure a flawless fit. The rattan bedside light seamlessly blends into your space thanks to its timeless appeal. Nobody can help but like the way it is designed.

You can put your rattan bedroom light next to a stylish coffee table to maximize the decor of your room. The rattan bedside lamp has an LED bulb, which provides maximum luminance with minimal energy use. For greater design impact, you may choose a hand-woven rattan nightstand lamp in beige, black, or two-tone. Additionally, you can discover rattan nightstand lamps with an openwork wall on specialized websites to provide contemporary lighting effects.

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Rattan Outdoor Lamp

Outside rattan lamps are a great option for your outside space's decor and illumination. They come in various colors and sizes. For instance, you may go with a 12 cm candle and rattan and glass deco lantern. You can already alter the appearance of your exterior with its straightforward and rustic style. It is offered in beige and black. 

With the help of this rattan light, you may create a cozy and somber ambiance for your summer evenings outside. This outdoor rattan lamp is perfect for providing you with amicable times with your loved ones or friends. A glass phosphor is installed in its center. The candle is meant for the latter. The outdoor rattan lamps also include a handle to make moving them easier.

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Rattan Desk Lamp

Rattan desk lamps are a great option if you want to add a modern touch to your workstation. One option is a pink, white, or black rattan star moon desk lamp. Whether your office is decorated in a bohemian or Scandinavian design, a well-picked rattan desk light will completely finish the look.

Rattan's adaptability makes it possible for the desk lamp to blend seamlessly into the interior design of your office while still emitting a gentle, warm light.


The rattan table lamp is warm, real, and natural, and it enables you to create a variety of ornamental designs. This kind of lighting is perfect for adding a finishing touch to your décor. It sublimates any style while adjusting to it.