Over Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

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Over Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas

You should not just install any light, a light that seamlessly blends with the kitchen aesthetic or makes a statement should be chosen. It all depends on the color of light you prefer, a certain design theme you like, or the number of lights you want to hang above the sink. Suspending a set of pendants or recessed lights, whatever suits you, will give you an ample amount of light to efficiently do your work and will also add a beautiful design element to your kitchen. So, there is no need to search anywhere else as this article has all the Over Kitchen Sink Lighting Ideas for you in-store!

Three Seed Glass Light

Seed Glass Light


Seed glass has been used in houses and offices for years to make windows, glasses, and light shades. The bubble or seed texture has given it a certain design feature. When used in pendant lights, this characteristic helps in diffusing the light to give off a more soft light. But by using this glass shade above the kitchen sink you could potentially reduce the amount of task light. So, instead of installing a single seed glass pendant install three of them attached to the same light base. These seed glass pendant lights should be of different lengths so that they do not touch each other. Having three seed lights will provide a good amount of light but in a more subtle way.

A Dome Pendant Light

Kitchen Sink Light


Over The Sink Lighting should be eye-catching but useful simultaneously. A dome pendant light is both. These come in sizes between 20cm-90cm but for a kitchen mostly 20cm-30cm ones do the job. The dome shape focuses the light directly onto the kitchen without dispersing it. This will allow you to easily do a quick clean-up at any hour of the day. You will also need to keep in mind the theme of your kitchen. Dome pendant lights come in matt black, white, brass, and even in grey ceramic. Using a black dome pendant light will draw your eye up, toward the ceiling, giving an illusion of higher ceilings. This light gives a bold look and if there is too much black color in the bottom half of the kitchen it balances the black color.

Iridescent Flush Mount Light Fixture

Flus Mount Light


This light fixture will work flawlessly with a window. With a window on the wall behind the sink, it will not only allow a ton of light in the kitchen it will also allow refraction of light to occur in this fixture, which will result in a stunning light just above your kitchen sink. This Sink Lighting will not be too low but alongside the window, it will provide an adequate amount of light. And its glass globe will not block any light from the bulb. As here you are dealing with clear glass you will be able to see the bulb. Using an incandescent bulb will further add to its alluring look.

LED Recessed Light

Recessed Light


This light is surely very basic but is bright and will add all the light you need above the sink in your kitchen. An LED flush mount light is energy-efficient and also comes in several colors. Moreover, this Kitchen Sink Lighting has many variations in terms of color softness, the most common are soft-white and cool-white.

Farmhouse Pendant Light

Farmhouse Pendant Lights


Lighting Over Kitchen Sink with window should be of a farmhouse style. We are speaking of galvanized steel pendant lights and wood ones. These light fixtures will go well with either brown wood cabinets or white rustic ones. The farmhouse aesthetic is all about rustic steel, ropes, old wood, and a whole lot of light. Adding a bright white bulb to the pendant light will add the final touch to the kitchen.

Cozy Lantern Kitchen Pendant Light

Lantern Light

BUY 4 Light Pendant Lighting

Over Kitchen Sink Lighting can also be dimmed whenever you’d like it to. Adding an LED bulb that can be dimmed in a lantern pendant light will help you achieve this. Ever felt like changing the mood of the kitchen to a cozy, relaxed one? After doing the dishes and tidying up the kitchen you may feel a need to change the ambient light and relax. The dimmable LED bulb will do this and the lantern will create dull, beautiful shadows to create a more laid-back ambiance.

A Nautical Accent Over The Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink Light


If your kitchen gives off a beachy vibe or you feel like you are on a ship when you are in your kitchen then this sort of pendant light is a perfect choice. With natural and nautical essence to it, this light fixture can easily be adjusted with any neutral color palette that you may have in your kitchen.

Picking The Right Amount Of Over The Sink Lights

You can cherry-pick any style of pendant lights you want but the number of lights does matter after all. Over Sink Lighting should not be too overwhelming but it should be just enough to blend in with other kitchen decors. If there is no window and the sink area in the kitchen is shadowy, in this case, we will recommend you install a set of three pendant lights just above the kitchen sink for that extra brightness and sophistication.

Unforeseen Vintage Glamour

We have already discussed some contemporary and sleek light designs. But who knew a chandelier could effortlessly be hung above a sink also? Adding a touch of antique bling to your kitchen will do harm. Instead, it can take the sink the sink area to a whole new level. It will not only distract the viewer from the dirt sink but will also add a speck of glamour to your kitchen. And who doesn’t want that, right?

Delicate And Chic

Adding a sleek and modern-looking pendant light is an easy way out. This option is for the amateur interior designer who wants to play safe and also wants to add a little something above his kitchen sink. A black pendant light will usually work when other hardware in your kitchen is black. Whereas, for gold and silver you can do the same i.e. match the hardware and also be mindful of the kitchen appliances.


Even if you don’t wake up to a tidy sink, you will definitely wake up to a well-lit one! The kitchen is the heart of the home and it deserves to be decorated and should be well lit. So, here we have a few solutions for you!