Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas - Design Tips and Tricks

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Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas - Design Tips and Tricks


Whether you are looking forward to amping up your bedroom, your study, your kitchen, or your living room, lighting plays a significant part. Once you have decided on a budget, you should upgrade accordingly. With a tight budget, you must focus more on lights that serve you their actual purpose and are also a design statement in the place you are looking to install them. In this article, we will give you kitchen island pendant lighting ideas. Moreover, we will also provide you with tips and tricks on how to choose a perfect pendant light. Pendant lights for kitchen island can be an outstanding addition to your kitchen as well as being useful to achieve an illuminated kitchen island for all the chopping and mixing. Without even thinking twice get yourself a light suitable for not only your house decor theme but also one that is functional. 

Pendant Lights vs. Other Kitchen Lighting Options

Other lighting options can be ceiling puck lights or strip lights installed all around your kitchen. Whereas pendant lights provide targeted, bright light and are usually installed above the kitchen island. When weighing the benefits of both lights you must keep in mind what have you envisioned for your kitchen. Not every light compliments every kitchen or every area of your kitchen to be exact. Recessed can lighting is fixed flat to the ceiling. This makes them at a greater distance from the kitchen island. Resulting in more dispersed,not-so-focused lighting above the island.

On the other hand, hanging pendant lights can be quite rewarding in terms of the decor piece which is added to the kitchen and oomphs it up. Secondly, most pendant lights provide centered light which serves a good purpose when you are doing work that requires concentration. Pendant lights also help in separating, for instance, the dining area from an open-concept kitchen. You can do this by hanging either a twin set of pendant lights or a single one above the kitchen island and a different style or color of pendant light above the dining area. You can separate certain areas in the same room by doing nothing but hanging separate lights to specify areas.

Pendant Lighting Colors, Styles, and Shapes

You can go all natural with the decor of the kitchen by installing gold and transparent pendant lights and some rattan bar chairs. This style is suitable when you have a congested space and want to brighten and loosen it up a bit. White will reflect all the light and gold and light brown rattan chairs will complement each other seamlessly.

Or you can go bold with a combination of white subway tiles, a black kitchen island, and gold dome pendant lights. A perfect representation of a modern mid-century design style. It will surely add character and depth to your kitchen. You can accessorize this aesthetic with simple wooden stools to enhance the look.

When aiming to achieve a farmhouse vibe in your kitchen. Some tin stools and white rustic wood cabinets are a commendable match. To highlight it even more the kitchen pendant lighting over the island should be an antique one with an opaque white shade an extension rope instead of a wire or a rod. Scatter some old farmhouse accessories around the kitchen and you are good to go!

Want to design a dark industrial-style kitchen? Look no further than black, industrial pendant lights ideal for this design. An all-black or all-gray kitchen with light brown wood accents will give a pop of slight color. Open shelving units also work best with this design. You don’t necessarily have to go for marble or granite countertops, opt for alight-colored wood ones.

Choosing the style and color of the pendant light

It does not matter if the design or color of the chosen pendant lighting for the kitchen island is perfect. The most noticeable yet overlooked thing eventually is how you place the lighting and its size. The size of the lower part of the shade of the pendant light should be of a decent size. You should always keep in mind the size of the kitchen, whether it is an open-concept kitchen or not and the color palette of the kitchen should also be considered. To elaborate, if you have a small, compact kitchen you should install transparent glass pendants so that they don’t cram down the kitchen furthermore.

Choosing mini pendant lights for a kitchen island in a small kitchen becomes a necessity. Huge pendant lights can overpower the kitchen and make it look bulky and crowded overall. For a spacious, specifically white kitchen you can add some life to the color palette by adding some color. You can either use colored opaque pendant lights or stained glass ones. The glass ones will give you a Romanesque architecture vibe to your kitchen and make it look antique, an aesthetic many people love these days.

Things to keep in mind when installing a pendant light

Make sure that you precisely measure the length of the entire kitchen island. Moving on, be mindful of where you are hanging the kitchen island pendant lighting. Now that you are done with the previous tasks consider dividing the entire length of the island by the number of pendants you are installing. Space them equally so that they don’t look unevenly placed. Another option could be hanging the pendant lights directly over the seats on the kitchen island. You adjust the number of the pendant lights but just don’t overdo it. Less is always more!

Likewise, carefully consider the length of the pendant lights. Most ceilings are a standard 8 ft high so you may get a 30-inch long pendant. But if the ceiling is higher you can lower the pendant. The pendant lights should not be at eye level. Doing so, will not only block your view from across the counter but someone in your house can easily bump into it, which is not a good deal at all! Installing the pendant lights above the eye level of the tallest person in your house is the best idea. Voila! - flawlessly placed pendant lights to adorn your kitchen ceiling.


Decorating your house with the best options is what we all look for. Pendant lights add the perfect amount of character to your kitchen and also help you do chores around the kitchen. Choose a pendant light that will blend into your kitchen decor, makes a statement, and has an amplitude of lighting.