How To Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows - Everything You Need To Know!

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How To Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows - Everything You Need To Know!

The jolly and sparkly season of the year is just around the corner! Christmas festivities are the highlight of the winter season, not to mention the excitement of decorating our houses, gardens, and backyards is what makes this festival the best of all! Waking up on a Christmas morning all cheery and happy to celebrate it we look forward to decorating our place with our loved ones. Baking delish goodies and setting up previous year’s decor is what most of us do.

Lighting plays an important role in making your home Christmas-ready for the holidays. Hanging red and green colored lights, the OG Christmas holiday colors, is nearly a decor necessity. Wrapping fairy lights around the Christmas tree, behind the curtains, or hanging Christmas lights around windows, basically, hang them anywhere and everywhere you can! This year we will help your house shine bright like a diamond. For now, we will only discuss how to hang Christmas lights around windows and what should be kept in mind while lighting up your windows for the Christmas season.

We Will Shed Light On The Following Points

  • What lights to use?
  • What to keep in mind while choosing your lights?
  • How to put them up?
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What Lights To Use?

What Lights To Use?

When installing lights make sure you use delicate and tiny ones. These sorts of lights will give a twinkling effect on the window without looking too obvious. It is vital that we keep the lights a bit minimal so that they don’t overpower the windows or their design. Choose mini lights, they usually have long and thin bulbs.

Moreover, an important point to note down is that incandescent bulbs have more of a dull, yellow light. Therefore, if you are seeking to give a warm tint to your windows definitely use these lights. Although a downside to using these lights is that they may not last as long as you would want them to, at a maximum of a season only. 

On the other hand, using LED string lights will be useful when you want your windows to shine bright. Along with it using these lights will surely be easier on your pocket. Moving on, you can either use strip LED lights.

When adhering to strip lights make sure that CAN YOU CUT LED LIGHT STRIPS? exactly according to the measurements of the window.

In addition to utilizing white lights, one can also suspend colorful lights on your window. They will not only give out a more welcoming vibe to your home but they also make your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

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What To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Lights?

What To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Lights?

First and foremost, in order to light up your window you’ll definitely need some kind of power source, it may be a socket or batteries. Priority should be given to battery-operated lights as they can be hung anywhere without worrying about how and where to plug them in. Second, on the list are the lights that need to be plugged in, to switch them ON, hence make sure that the length of the light you choose can be extended to the plug. Otherwise, an extension cord can also be put to use but this will result in unnecessary wire clutter. This doesn’t seem quite aesthetically pleasing, right? Therefore, using batteries is the best option overall.

Furthermore, when hanging Christmas lights around windows outside it is crucial that we consider whether they are weatherproof or not. If the lights are not weatherproof you can hang them inwards, inside the house to make them last longer. You should hang the lights in the same order and direction to give a uniform look. Or to twist things a bit you can put up two colors alternately. The OG red and green Christmas colors.

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If this part is messed up, the lights won’t light up. Firstly, make sure that you check if the lights are working or not. Each bulb should be working and if in case any one of them doesn’t work you should either replace it with a new one or change that part of the string, you can also replace the entire string of light if it is still in warranty. 

Caution: Plug in the lights on the ground outdoors to avoid any inconveniences.

Secondly, start by placing your lights at the top of the window then work your way down. You can also use connectors to bend the lights on the corner of the window. You can hang hooks to the windows and hook the light in place. Another option can be directly fastening the string lights to the window grill with plastic ties. But when working with hooks be mindful of placing them 5-6 inches apart so that the light doesn’t budge at all.


The occasion of Christmas should be dazzling with breathtaking decor and astounding lighting whether it’s outdoors or indoors. Hanging lights can be bit of a tedious task if this is your first or even when you have been doing it for years. Helping you celebrate your favorite holiday will be a pleasure for us!