Entryway Light Fixtures

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Entryway Light Fixtures



Being in the market for several decades, they are one of the oldest lights out there. Chandelier lights are certainly on the more lavish side. If your overall theme is luxurious and over the top then surely this is the best option for you. Moreover, it comes in many designs and styles. 

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers

As the name suggests they are made up of crystals. Numerous crystals are beaded together to form a tiered crystal chandelier lighting. They are not only majestic but are of great size. These types of chandeliers add drama and bling to your entryway. And are no less than a statement decor piece!

Modern Chandeliers

This modern entry light fixture is suitable for an edgy and contemporary aesthetic style. With the added advantage of sleekness, their designs change with the switching manias. It can either be a sputnik design or a shaded one. Having a modern contemporary aesthetic in your entrance doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on including a chandelier in your decor.

Hybrid Chandeliers

This kind of light fixture is a combination of two designs. Any two designs that can potentially look good together are combined. For instance, crystals in a crystal chandelier can be replaced with wooden, colored beads to give a more clean simple look. A wooden beaded chandelier can also work best with a neutral color palette in your entryway.

Boho Chandeliers

Stay true to your most original self and go for boho light fixtures and chandeliers. Include a few pieces of stained wooden furniture and some rustic accessories with a neutral color palette, then top it all off with a chandelier with net details instead of crystals. Not only will this chandelier add character to your entrance but it will also gleam with the delicacy and elegance of the net in the entry hallway.


These styles of large pendant lights are suspended from the ceiling and hand quite low. They are usually hung 25-30 inches low from an 8ft high ceiling. They come in various designs and you should choose a pendant light that will blend seamlessly with your other decor pieces. An industrial-style pendant light fixture will go with a modern, industrial theme or you can use a clear glass pendant light if you have a small entryway. Furthermore, you can use a black dome-shaped pendant light to make a bold statement and draw the eyes up to the ceiling, which will give an illusion of high ceilings.


Do you want to welcome your guests warmly? Or do you want ambient light in your entry hallway? If there is a yes to both of the questions then choosing ceiling fixtures is an ideal option. Installing recessed ceiling lights or flush-mounted ceiling light fixtures can definitely be a game changer. As they are installed close to the ceiling they tend to diffuse the light. This softens the light and it gives you a relaxed, warm welcome as soon as you enter the home, especially the light in the color 'soft-white' works best. Along with this these lights are understated and are suitable when you want a minimal look.


Moving on to these kinds of lights, wall sconces are certainly a commendable choice if you want to add definition to your entryway walls. They can be easily screwed onto your walls. Plus, you can choose their designs either independently or can match them with the ceiling pendant light.


An entry light fixture is sure to make your entryway more chic and stylish! With a number of styles and designs, you can easily buy any one of them or create a mixture of lights to add lights from different angles and make your entry hallway glow!