Buzzing Led Lights | Why Led Lights Buzzing With Dimmer

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Buzzing Led Lights | Why Led Lights Buzzing With Dimmer

Why LED Bulbs Buzzing & How To Stop Buzzing LED Lights?  

Long-lasting and energy-efficient LED lights are well-known. Over incandescent and CFL light bulbs in recent years, LED lights have gained popularity. LED light bulbs do, however, have a fair share of issues. Although buzzing and humming LED bulbs are quite typical, few people fully understand the root of the issue. 

Depending on your needs, LED lights can either create brighter or dimmer lighting. Sadly, LED lights buzzing occasionally emit beeping, humming, or whistling noises. They can irritate you in addition to being obnoxious and irritating, especially when you're attempting to focus on something crucial.

Understanding the cause of buzzing LED lights is the first step in solving the issue. It generates an unpleasant buzzing or flashing noise, but it is simply fixable. In this article, we'll look at why led lights buzz with the dimmer on, as well as some solutions on how to stop buzzing led lights.

Why Are LED Lights Buzzing With Dimmer?

By decreasing the current to a constant flow of less electricity, dimmers do not really reduce the illumination of the bulb. The current is actually split up and sent to the light in brief bursts. The amount that the light will decrease depends on the intervals between each burst of current. When homeowners install an old dimmer, this frequently occurs. The previous dimmers weren't designed for LEDs; they were meant for incandescent lighting. 

Your buzzing or humming problem may sound considerably worse after you replace the bulbs with LEDs because your dimmer is no longer compatible with a Dimmable LED Bulb. The sound will be stronger if there is recessed lighting in a space with multiple lights on at once because there is essentially a chorus of buzzing LEDs.

Reasons Why Led Bulbs Buzzing?

  • Buzzing LED Lights Could Be Caused By Faulty or Damaged LED Bulbs: Both a broken and faulty bulb may be to blame for the annoying buzz that is bothering you. Despite the fact that LED Bulbs are known to be more resilient and long-lasting than both CFLs and incandescent lights, they occasionally sustain damage before the end of their useful life. Even though it may seem less likely, LEDs can have manufacturing flaws, particularly when purchased from low-quality brands.
  • Make sure the bulb is in good condition: Given that LEDs are renowned for being constant and long-lasting, the buzzing sound is typically not the result of the LED bulb. However, since the bulb is the simplest to diagnose and fix, always start there. For safety considerations, an electrician's assistance will be required for the remaining causes on this list.
  • Buzzing LED Lights Can Be Caused by Overloaded Circuits: Your buzzing LED Light can result from an overloaded circuit, much like flickering LED light bulbs. Your circuit may be overloaded if other powerful appliances are on the same circuit as the buzzing LED lights. The bulbs may not receive adequate voltage in circuits that are overloaded because numerous other electrical devices use a significant quantity of power.
  • Buzzing LED lights May Be the Result of Poor Electrical Wiring: Your buzzing LEDs may potentially be the result of faulty electrical wiring. It is very likely that you have bad electrical wiring if your LEDs continue to buzz even after being replaced with new ones. Make sure to get an electrician to examine your wiring, especially for frayed wires.
  • The LED lights buzzing sound Can Also Be Caused by Faulty Dimmer Switches: Dimmer switches with unsuitable dimmers may cause LED bulbs to buzz. It's likely that your LED lights may buzz and flicker if you install them in a socket operated by a hard-wired dimmer switch. Hardwired dimmer switches are known to cause issues with LED lights. 

Tips To Stop Buzzing Led Lights

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Dimmer Compatibility With LED Light Bulbs

Dimmer Compatibility With LED Light Bulbs

A dimmer switch's incompatibility with the LED light bulbs is nearly always the root cause of a buzzing noise while using LED lights.  Make sure you're using an LED dimmer switch that is advised by the company that makes your light bulbs in order to avoid any potential problems.

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Check The Dimmer Switch's Minimum Load

Check The Dimmer Switch's Minimum Load

A minimum load requirement is the number of LED lights that must be connected to the majority of LED dimmer switches in order for them to function effectively. Dimmer switches may buzz if there aren't enough lights attached. Simply add extra LED lights to the circuit until the required load requirement is satisfied to solve this issue, or try utilizing brighter, higher-wattage lighting.

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Determine The Source Of The Noise

Is the noise coming from multiple lights or just one in particular? If there is only one light affected, the issue is probably with that particular bulb. To test whether it makes a difference, try changing it with a different LED light. On the other hand, you need to examine your dimmer switch more if the entire circuit is producing noise. You should pay close attention to the minimum load it is rated for.

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Buzzing LED Lights With No Dimmer

Buzzing LED Lights With No Dimmer

Dimming's complexities removed, the issue might lie in the drivers (power supply) or the manner in which they were installed. Start by looking into the LED lights themselves, much like when a dimmer switch is involved in the problem. If you have more than one LED light connected to the same power source, try unplugging all but one to see if that makes a difference, and then add them one at a time until the issue returns. LED lights can buzz without a dimmer when the circuit is overloaded.

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Implement A Soft-Start Circuit Dimmer Switch

Implement A Soft-Start Circuit Dimmer Switch

Some LED dimmer switches incorporate a soft-start circuit, which enables them to gradually raise the voltage of the LED lights as they are turned on. Avoiding overtaxing the components all at once can help stop the lights from buzzing.

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The Persistent Buzzing Of The Dimmer Switch

Although less so now that LED has become a more reliable light source, LED compatibility can be erratic. Even with the greatest bulbs you can get and an LED dimmer made for current lighting, you could still experience ongoing compatibility problems. You can attempt a fresh pair of LED lights or completely quit dimming.

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Use An In-Line Dimmer Circuit

Instead of being integrated into the light fixture itself, an in-line dimmer is a type of dimmer switch that is put between the power source and the light fixture. Halogen lights are frequently dimmed with in-line dimmers, but LED lights can also be dimmed with them. An advantage of employing an in-line dimmer is that it works with any kind of light fixture, including ones without built-in dimmer switches.


A typical issue with LED lights is buzzing or flickering noises, which isn't exclusive to these kinds of bulbs. Although we can't resist using LEDs because they are more energy-efficient than conventional lights, the buzzing and flashing noises they make can be extremely annoying. The aforementioned remedial measures will be useful for your peace of mind and will keep your bulbs functioning superbly.